GSA Asks for Industry Input to Reduce Barriers to Entry on the GSA IT 70 Schedule

GSA released a Request for Information (RFI) on the and the GSA eBuy site asking how it can “Make it Easier for Suppliers to Work for the Government” through the IT 70 Schedule.

GSA’s Key recommendations include:

  1. Removing the two year minimum experience requirement and allowing the substitution of relevant projects at predecessor companies or by key personnel who will be performing major aspects of the work;
  2. Allowing other financial substantiation documents to be submitted in lieu of 2 years of financial experience, including:
  3. Income statement and balance sheet (year to date)
  4. Venture Capital agreement or any other investor agreements (signed)
  5. Irrevocable line of credit
  6. Initial Public Offering (IPO) information
  7. Any other financial documentation to help prove financial responsibility

In addition to these suggested changes and your requested input, GSA is looking for specific insight into how your Government clients procure new and innovative IT services/products.

From one perspective, these changes could slow down the already slow process of obtaining a GSA Schedule by adding workload from many unqualified contracting hopefuls, or possibly adding even more competitors to the market that dilutes the value of fully qualified, experienced companies.

On the other hand, this could be seen as a great opportunity that allows start-ups and disruptive technology companies a chance to sell to the Government before their technology advances give way to more innovative approaches.

Of course obtaining the schedule is only the first step in the process; these young companies would still need to win actual task/purchase orders – that’s where the real work begins.

To view the RFI and respond visit FBO or the GSA Blog.


The RFI is due Friday September 18, 2015

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