General Service Administration (GSA) and Office of Management & Budget (OMB) submitted the phase II report of their e-Commerce portal to Congress. The report responded to issues congress had tasked GSA with researching; as well as providing a few key statements and requests to help with the implementation of the pilot e-Commerce portal.

Key among them: GSA has requested that Congress increase the micro-purchase threshold for the GSA e-Commerce pilot from $10,000 to $25,000 with an end date of 5-years.

GSA’s research identified that nearly 25% of purchases above the current MPT are below $25,000. The report stated an increase to the MPT to $25,000 would provide the pilot a higher-value proof of concept.

It is important to understand that the Trade Agreement and Buy American Acts do NOT apply to single purchases below the MPT. This will create a direct competition to GSAAdvantage and other MAS programs that include the TAA and BAA as a requirement. GSA states that “at this time, GSA does not have a factual basis for concluding that satisfied agency customers would stop using the MAS…. “

GSA anticipates issuing a draft solicitation and then final solicitation later this year with the goal have having the pilot up by the end of the calendar year.

Important Takeaway of Changes Include:

  • The initial pilot program will only include orders below the micro-purchase threshold (currently $10,000). This decision will alleviate the need for significant legislative changes to align commercial and government regulations.
  • The pilot program should allow agencies to focus on larger, more complex purchases; as card holders can manage the significant portion of smaller purchases.
  • Reduce administrative cost in low-dollar purchases to meet mission critical requirements
  • e-Commerce purchases will inform agencies purchasing trends and what items should be added to existing contract vehicles and further create category management product pools based on purchasing data.

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