Are you Ready to Compete?

The VA will award Billions to Veteran-Owned Businesses

Are you Procurement Ready for Doing Business the VA?

The Kindgdomware decision provides Veteran-Owned business a unique opportunity to pursue business with the the VA, one of the largest procurement and supply agency in the Federal Government.

Increase Your Odds of Winning 

As a veteran-owned small business you are uniquely positioned to win VA business. In addition, VA buyers overwhelmingly prefer to buy from vendors who have pre-approved contracts and historically use GSA/VA schedules.


Take the First Steps Towards Success

Coley GCS, a fellow SDVOSB, can help you win a GSA schedule or update your existing schedule.
We can help establish a contracting vehicle that provides VA buyers an avenue for purchasing your products and/or services quickly with limited paperwork, red tape, and competition.

Requirements For a GSA Schedule

1. Do you have a D-U-N-S Number and have an active registration with

2. Have you been in business for 2 years or more?

3. Can you provide invoices to substantiate the products or services you want to sell on GSA?

4. If you are selling products, are they TAA compliant?

Answered Yes?

Give us a call at 210-402-6766 , schedule a call or fill out the contact form:

Coley Can Get you on GSA Schedule

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