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Do you have what it takes to succeed on GSA Schedule?

GSA requires that you complete a mandatory Readiness Assessment to assist in evaluating whether or not you can be successful in the GSA Schedule program. The Readiness Assessment requires substantial research to complete; but when completed, it provides valuable insight into your chances for success. Our experienced senior consultants will discuss the assessment results and work with you to make the best strategic decision for your company. The readiness assessment is included if you select our all-inclusive Total Support package, or you can opt to purchase a number of hours for an assessment consultation.

Why a GSA Schedule?

The U.S. Government is one of the largest customers in the world and contracts for over $500 billion in products and services each year–with $100 billion of that going directly to small businesses. Federal buyers overwhelmingly prefer to buy from vendors who have pre-approved contracts. GSA schedules are the most commonly used pre-approved contract and are the only contract continuously open to new vendors. Obtaining a GSA Schedule provides Federal, State, and Local agencies with a direct way of purchasing your products and/or services quickly with limited paperwork, red tape, and competition. Contact Us today for a FREE analysis to find out if a GSA Schedule can help you win more Government business.

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Total Support

We take on 97% of the work to get your GSA Schedule contract awarded.

Receive a full-service solution that includes everything required to successfully develop and negotiate the award of your GSA Schedule contract as well as post-award compliance actions,

GSA Flex

Support Along the Way.

Enjoy the flexibility to use our expertise as little or as much as you deem necessary. With our GSA Flex™ solution, our GSA Schedule experts are available to you and your staff on an hourly basis throughout the entire GSA Schedule process to help you write, assemble, facilitate and negotiate a winning GSA Schedule contract.

Fast Track Access Program


Channel Partners have direct access to sell products through our GSA Schedule contract. Our program is designed to save you time, money, and reduce exposure to potential liabilities.

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