Best-In-Class Solutions

Solutions listed below are based on listing on the Solutions Finder and the BIC Resource Page. Learn more about BIC solutions in our latest post in Best in Class Contracts.

Transportation & Logistics

  1. MANDATORY BIC- DOD Next Generation Delivery Service (NGDS) • Mandatory for small package delivery services per OMB Memo M-17-29
  2. MANDATORY BIC- AutoChoice for Vehicle Purchasing • Mandatory for non-tactical vehicle purchases per 41 CFR 26.501-1
  3. MANDATORY BIC- DLA Direct Delivery Fuels Solution • Mandatory for annual commercial fuel requirements ≥10,000 gallons in accordance with 41 CFR 101-26.602-3
  4. GSA Fleet for Vehicle Leasing

IT Category

  1. Enterprise Infrastructure Services (EIS BIC designation includes legacy Networx Universal & Enterprise contracts)
  2. Veterans Technology Services 2 (VETS 2)
  3. Alliant & Alliant 2
  4. Alliant Small Business & Alliant 2 Small Business
  5. MANDATORY BIC- FSSI Wireless • Directed for civilian agency use per OMB Memo M-16-20

CMLC-APPROVED GSS WORKSTATION BICS Three authorized sources for laptop and desktop purchases for civilian agencies per OMB Memo M-16-02:

  3. IT Schedule 70 (IT70 BIC designation applies only to hardware & software SINs)

AUTHORIZED DOD GSS WORKSTATION BIC Authorized DOD source for GSS workstations per OMB Memo M-16-02:


Professional Services

  1. MANDATORY BIC- Identity Protection Services (IPS) • Preferred usage, mandatory consideration per OMB Memo M-16-14
  2. GSA Smart Pay 2 & GSA Smart Pay 3
  3. OASIS
  4. OASIS Small Business


  1. MANDATORY BIC- City Pair Program • Mandatory with limited exceptions for civilian employee air travel per 41 CFR 301-10
  2. FedRooms
  3. Civilian Employee Relocation (on Schedule 48)
  4. U.S. Government Rental Car Program

Industrial Products & Services

  1. FSSI Janitorial & Sanitation Supplies (Jan/San)
  2. FSSI Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO)


  1. DOD/VA Joint National Contracts for Generic Pharmaceuticals
  2. DOD/VA High-Tech Medical Equipment
  3. VA Hearing Aids

Human Capital

  1. OPM/GSA Human Capital & Training Solutions (HCaTS)
  2. OPM USA Learning

Facilities & Construction

  1. FSSI Building Maintenance & Operations (BMO)
  2. USACE Facilities Reduction Program (FRP)

Security & Protection

  1. DHS Body Armor III
  2. Reduced Hazard Training Ammunition (RHTA)

Office Management

  1. FSSI Office Supplies (OS3)

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