Office of the Secretary of Defense with the Department of Navy (DoN) are set to release a unique Small Business opportunity for Technology companies.  The Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) is being established to channel technology opportunities for military science and technology and expedite the concept to deployment phases of the acquisition cycle.

According to the linked slip-sheet, “RIF is a technology transition program that accelerates the fielding of innovative technologies into military systems.”

There will be a list of areas of interest for DoN systems command annually published broad agency announcement (BAA) with instructions and criteria for submission. There will be a two-step application process including white paper and quad chart followed by a full proposal request by invitation.

Each contract awarded will be up to $3 million in funding and a period of performance of up to two years.

You can download the DoN RIF Factsheet here. 

Currently the release date is March 1st.  You can review the tentative schedule of releases here.

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