The Government Acquisition Marketplace

GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service’s (FAS’s) commissioner Tom Sharpe revealed more on his plan to transform FAS into “The Government Acquisition Marketplace” at a recent panel hosted by the Association of Federal Information Resource Managers (AFFIRM). The Government Acquisition Marketplace is driven by the FAS’s 3-year vision of offering unbiased advice, better contracts, and a spectrum of services. It promises category management, a common acquisition platform, business model modernization, and expanded services.

The marketplace falls under Sharpe’s initiative with the end goal of providing better category management solutions and streamlining the acquisition process so that the FAS is the one stop shop for all government acquisitions. This marketplace hinges on the Acquisition Gateway (AG) which will be the one stop acquisition shop’s platform. AG will hosts all acquisition categories broken down by specific products or services which FAS is calling “hallways.” Each hallway will house advice, market intelligence from experts, category specific tools, and on-demand procurement assistance.

GSA is hoping the AG will make it easier to find products or services by allowing purchasers the ability to search by keywords or categories. Users can personalize and save navigation options to simplify return visits. Purchasers can also compare contract vehicles side-by-side in order to make smart transaction decisions. Government experts will be encouraged to regularly update the AG with tips, articles, and advice to help users stay informed. GSA claims that the AG will give purchasers the tools to drive down and decrease the variability of prices and make more informed purchases.

So far, only government employees have the ability to log into the AG website. The AG website does host a short video that anyone can view which gives more information about the website development currently it work.

The AG is one of new web-based tools GSA is creating to try and  meet their goal of being the one stop acquisition shop. As the AG website develops more we will continue to monitor and determine how it can benefit the contract holder.

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