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For Government Contractors
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We Source Highly Qualified Candidates

At Coley, We understand the challenges of competing in the Government marketplace and offer small businesses the ability to expand recruiting capabilities and increase competitiveness without the costs of hiring a full-time recruiting staff. Our Team has years of experience recruiting for government contracts and is highly motivated and committed to delivering  the right candidates for your open and contingent contract positions.

The Right Candidates Faster, More Cost Effective & Better Results.

  • Quick Turnaround—we understand that back-filling positions within contract-mandated times; and/or meeting proposal submission deadlines determines your success
  • Low fees – Competition is fierce and margins are low, so contractors can’t afford to pay high recruiter placement fees
  • Low Turnover – We look for employees that have a history of staying in jobs—including key incumbent personnel
  • Competitive Compensation – your bid rates are driven by the cost of talent; that’s why we focus on candidates that are available within your bid rate structure

Benefits of using our Candidate Sourcing Services:

  • Lower cost—more competitive
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Better contract performance
  • Happier government customers
  • More contract wins
  • Frees your management team to focus on more important things than reviewing hundreds of resumes
  • Up to 5 qualified, interested candidates in 10 business days or less
  • Client is free to hire as many of the candidates as desired for same low fee.

Optional Service Per Position

Right Fit Assessment Service

Finding the Right person for the job results in lower turnover, higher productivity, happier employees, and happier customers.

Coley identifies the best fitting candidates using the industry leading behavioral assessment technology, Predictive Index (PI), that compares job requirements to candidate personality profiles. Our recruiters are trained to use the Predictive Index assessment tool to ensure you receive candidates that match the behavioral profile of the job.

Optional Services Per Candidate

Background and Reference Checks

Most government contract employees are required to undergo some form of background check, whether for a cleared position or not. Avoid the embarrassment that could come if your customer finds out an employee has a disqualifying event in their background by conducting a background check before you hire them.

Our team will conduct a background check to verify education and identify potential disqualifying events, such as criminal reports, arrest records, or bankruptcy filings.

Skills Testing

Pre-employment skills testing helps you know that the candidates applying have the skills you need. We’ll test your qualified candidates and provide results.

Resume Formatting Service

Our team will reformat candidate resumes to include your branding and map candidate qualifications to proposal requirements.

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