Upcoming changes in the MOBIS (Mission Oriented Business Integrated Solutions) solicitation will affect many 874 schedule contractors. GSA has merged a selection of MOBIS Special Item Numbers (SINs) in order to reduce time and effort in soliciting and evaluating quotes under multiple SINs. SIN 874-1—Consulting Services will be merged with 874-2—Facilitation Services” and 874-3—Survey Services into one  resulting SIN renamed “Integrated Consulting Services,” and 874-2 and 874-3 will be deleted.

Furthermore, SINs 874-7, 874-4, and 874-9 will be redefined in order to broaden the scope and to add services not previously available. SIN 874-7—Program and Project Management Services, has been renamed “Integrated Business Program Support Services” in order to allow administrative support services when used in conjunction with other professional services covered by Schedule 874 and performed at the direction of the contractor’s project or program manager. SINs 874-4—Training Services and 874-9—Training Aids and Devices are being updated to include additional services, although the SIN titles remain in effect. The updated SIN descriptions will be posted on GSA eLibrary in early January.

A mass modification invitation will be sent to your Administrative Point of Contact in regards to these upcoming changes and must be accepted.

Upon acceptance of this mass modification solicitation refresh, the Contractor is to update their GSA Schedule price list immediately.

For Coley clients currently on our management services, this will be updated for you free of charge. For help or support in updating and republishing your GSA Schedule Price list contact  at 210-402-6766 or send us an email at [email protected].

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