ASERT – Active Shooter Emergency Response Training DEMO

This training prepares you by providing the tools needed to know how to respond when faced with a similar situation.
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Don’t leave your employees vulnerable and ill-equipped.

This is an engaging course that connects the user with an interacting platform specifically designed to help Government, schools, military installations and units, small business and corporations of all sizes to generate an improved response time and increase the survivability rate in the immediate area during an “Active Shooter” event.

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  • Define Active Shooter Emergency
  • Recognize the characteristics of an active shooter emergency
  • Identify the three stages of response to highly stressful events
    • Denial
    • Deliberation
    • Decisive Moment
  • Define the three decisive action options:
    • Avoid
    • Deny
    • Defend
  • Apply a decision-making process to choose the correct action(s) to an Active Shooter Emergency
  • Recognize typical police, medical teams, and first responders expectations
  • Identify resources available for survivors of an Active Shooter Emergency

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