Term -Single Scope Background Investigation

Under the provisions of National Security Directive 63 (NSD-63) of 21 October 1991, the Single Scope Background Investigation (SBI) was instituted as the minimum scope and standard for all agencies and departments for access for Collateral Top Secret (TS) / National Security Information and Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) or for participation in certain other Special Access Required (SAR) and Extremely Sensitive Information (ESI) programs, replacing both the BI and SBI.
The SSBI consists of all components of a traditional BI, plus specific additional investigative requirements. The period of investigation for SBIs covers the last 10 years of the SUBJECT’s life or from the date of the 18th birthday, whichever is the shorter period. Investigations satisfying these scope and standards are transferable between agencies and are deemed to meet the investigative standards for TS and SCI. No further investigation or reinvestigation prior to revalidation every five years is undertaken unless the agency has substantial information indicating that the transferring individual may not satisfy eligibility standards for clearance or the agency head determines in writing that to accept the investigation would not be in the national security interest of the United States.

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