Term -Recovered Material

Recovered material for paper and paper products, is defined by EPA in
its Comprehensive Procurement Guideline as “recovered fiber” and means
the following materials:
    (1) Postconsumer fiber.
    (2) Manufacturing wastes such as–
   (i) Dry paper and paperboard waste generated after
completion of the papermaking process (that is, those manufacturing
operations up to and including the cutting and trimming of the paper
machine reel into smaller rolls or rough sheets) including: envelope
cuttings, bindery trimmings, and other paper and paperboard waste
resulting from printing, cutting, forming, and other converting
operations; bag, box, and carton manufacturing wastes; and butt rolls,
mill wrappers, and rejected unused stock; and
   (ii) Repulped finished paper and paperboard from
obsolete inventories of paper and paperboard manufacturers, merchants,
wholesalers, dealers, printers, converters, or others.

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