Term -Invoice payment

Invoice payment means a Government disbursement of monies to a
contractor under a contract or other authorization for supplies or
services accepted by the Government.
    (1) Invoice payments include–
Payments for partial deliveries that have been accepted by the
Final cost or fee payments where amounts owed have been settled between
the Government and the contractor;
        (iii) For purposes of Subpart 32.9 only, all payments made under the clause at
52.232-5, Payments Under Fixed-Price Construction Contracts, and the
clause at 52.232-10, Payments Under Fixed-Price Architect-Engineer
Contracts; and
Interim payments under a cost-reimbursement contract for services when
Alternate I of the clause at 52.232-5, Prompt Payment, is used.
    (2) Invoice payments do not include
contract financing payments.

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