Term -GSA Contract Modification

What is a GSA Contract Modification?

A modification is any change made to your GSA Schedule contract or other MAS contract after it is awarded. After you are awarded your GSA Schedule contract, you are required to keep it current and up to date by submitting modifications. A modification will be required if there are any changes in your contract including to:

  • Add/delete products or services
  • Add or delete Special Item Numbers (SINs)
  • Requests for price adjustments (price increase or decrease)
  • Administrative changes including change of address and/or a point of contact update
  • Change in business practices
  • Change or transfer of ownership

Not submitting modifications as your business practices and offering change, will put your contract out of compliance and may result in cancellation.

How to Submit a Modification?

Depending on the schedule your contract is under, there are multiple ways that contractors can request a these updates. Always work with your POC on their preference on how to receive a fully compliant and complete modification proposal. Contract holders are required to submit a modification electronically thru the GSA eMod Program. Only Authorized Negotiators under the contract with a valid digital certificate will be able to submit a modification through the eOffer/eMod tool. 

Who is the Authorized Negotiator?

An Authorized Negotiator is someone that legally binds the company to any changes or updates to the contract. This person is usually assigned during the award process. When this person changes, a contract modification must be done to add/delete a new authorized negotiator.   If you receive an error message, contact your CO or PCO for assistance.

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