Term -Deviation

Deviation means any one or combination of the following:

   (a) The issuance or use of a policy,
procedure, solicitation provision (see definition in 2.101), contract
clause (see definition in 2.101), method, or practice of conducting
acquisition actions of any kind at any stage of the acquisition process
that is inconsistent with the FAR.
   (b) The omission of any solicitation
provision or contract clause when its prescription requires its use.
   (c) The use of any solicitation provision
or contract clause with modified or alternate language that is not
authorized by the FAR (see definition of “modification” in 52.101(a)
and definition of “alternate” in 2.101(a)).
   (d) The use of a solicitation provision
or contract clause prescribed by the FAR on a “substantially as
follows” or “substantially the same as” basis (see definitions in 2.101
and 52.101(a)), if such use is inconsistent with the intent, principle,
or substance of the prescription or related coverage on the subject
matter in the FAR.
   (e) The authorization of lesser or
greater limitations on the use of any solicitation provision, contract
clause, policy, or procedure prescribed by the FAR.
   (f) The issuance of policies or
procedures that govern the contracting process or otherwise control
contracting relationships that are not incorporated into agency
acquisition regulations in accordance with 1.301(a).

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