Term -Contract financing payment

Contract financing payment means an authorized Government disbursement
of monies to a contractor prior to acceptance of supplies or services
by the Government.

    (1) Contract financing payments include–
Advance payments;
Performance-based payments;
Commercial advance and interim payments;
Progress payments based on cost under the clause at 52.232-16, Progress
Progress payments based on a percentage or stage of completion (see
32.102(e)), except those made under the clause at 52.232-5, Payments
Under Fixed-Price Construction Contracts, or the clause at 52.232-10,
Payments Under Fixed-Price Architect-Engineer Contracts; and
Interim payments under a cost reimbursement contract, except for a cost
reimbursement contract for services when Alternate I of the clause at
52.232-25, Prompt Payment, is used.

    (2) Contract financing payments do not
Invoice payments;
Payments for partial deliveries; or
Lease and rental payments.

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