Term -Building Service Contract

Building Service Contract means a contract for recurring services
related to the maintenance of a public building. Recurring services are
services that are required to be performed regularly or periodically
throughout the course of a contract, and throughout the course of the
succeeding or follow-on contract(s), at one or more of the same public
buildings. E.O. 12933 [revoked by E.O. 13204] lists examples of
building service contracts as including, but not limited to, contracts
for the recurring provision of custodial or janitorial services; window
washing; laundry; food services; guard or other protective services;
landscaping and groundskeeping services; and inspection, maintenance,
and repair of fixed equipment such as elevators, air conditioning, and
heating systems. Building service contracts do not include–

    (1) Contracts that provide maintenance
services only on a non-recurring or irregular basis. For example, a
contract to provide servicing of fixed equipment once a year, or to
mulch a garden on a one-time or annual basis, is a non-recurring
maintenance contract that is not covered by this subpart; and

    (2) Contracts for day-care services in a
Federal office building.

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