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As more and more agencies are being directed to the DOD FedMALL platform, many vendors have been looking for ways to place their product catalog on this booming platform. DOD FEDMALL is an eCommerce site in which agencies can purchase commercial items from qualifying Product Service Codes shown in table below; however, a contractor must have a current long-term government contract in place in order to qualify to place the same products and pricing onto the FedMALL eCommerce site.

One way to qualify, is to obtain the Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) very own Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract.  Comparable to GSA’s FSS program in many ways, vendors may submit an offer to the agency for consideration.  Vendors will continue to work with a DLA Contracting Officer and negotiate products and pricing, and once an agreement is met regarding the contract’s terms and conditions, the vendor is awarded its very own DLA Schedule.  Somewhat similar to GSA’s GSAAdvantage eCommerce platform, DLA Schedule holders will have their products hosted in FedMALL, which gives your government customers another streamlined way to buy your products.

If this is the MAS contract that you have been looking for, better act quickly!  Unlike GSA Schedules, DLA Schedules are not continuously open solicitations and the first open period for 2017 is right around the corner.  Vendors must submit their proposal by mail and be received by DLA not later than April 28th, 2017.  Vendors who cannot meet this suspense date must wait until the next opening, which will open up again in October 2017.

DLA’s Current Opening/Closing Dates

The opening/closing dates for 2017, 2018, and 2019 are listed below for your consideration, however keep in mind that these dates have been amended in the past and are subject to change:

201703 April28 April
201703 October31 October
201803 April30 April
201803 October31 October
201903 April30 April
201903 October31 October

Other paths on to DOD FedMall is by using an existing GSA or VA FSS contract. If you have an existing FSS contract there is a simplified award process that is not restricted by the solicitation’s open and close dates. Contact us for details on adding your products to the DOD FedMall.

Don’t wait.

The DLA Schedule program is becoming a popular contract vehicle among agency customers for streamlined acquisitions, such as the Department of Defense. As a result, more vendors are submitting proposals to have their products listed.  After submitting your proposal, be prepared to wait up to a year before DLA awards your FSS schedule.  Submitting your offer in April 2017 will place you 6 months ahead of offers that are submitted later this year in October.  To see all submission requirements, Vendors may read the entire solicitation as posted on FedBizOpps.

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