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Coley GCS provides GSA Contract Consulting, Coaching, and Training Services since 2001.

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GSA Schedule Consulting and Services

Get a GSA Schedule

Coley will help you win a GSA Schedule contract. We provide flexible solutions  to support your GSA Schedule acquisition efforts. From all inclusive support, hourly guidance or a full review of your offer package, we can support you at any level of service you need to get on GSA Schedule. Our team can assemble, facilitate and/or negotiate a winning GSA Schedule contract on your behalf.
Get on GSA Schedule

Modify my GSA Schedule

Add or delete SINs from your existing GSA contract and remove outdated products to keep your GSA catalog updated. Update your GSA pricing to  increase your competitive edge. Coley GCS will prepare documentation, negotiate on your behalf, and update your GSA pricelist.

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Upload or Modify my GSA Pricelist

It is a requirement for your your approved GSA Schedule pricelist be kept current. Coley Consultants can support your GSA catalog need.

GSA Advantage and SIP uploads.

Renew my GSA Schedule Contract

GSA contractors have the option to renew their GSA Schedule every 5 years before the GSA contract expires at the 20 year mark. Get our expert GSA advisors to support you through the option to extend your GSA contract so it is completed as smooth as possible.

Renew your GSA Schedule

Transfer my GSA Contract - Novation

If you company changed owners or legally change names, you may be required to transfer your GSA Schedule. You must obtain the Government’s approval to transfer the GSA Schedule by executing a formal “Novation Agreement.”  Our GSA Schedule experts can make sure this process is done right.

Get Turn-key GSA Schedule Support

Coley’s GSA TotalSupport™ offers your team peace of mind by delivering an integrated, end-to-end GSA contract management solution designed to eliminate compliance risks, minimize day-to-day administrative burden, and maximize GSA Schedule return on investment.

Get Total Support Contract Management

GSA Schedule Contract Compliance

Have GSA Schedule Consultant help you ensure if you are compliant with the terms and conditions of your GSA Scheduled contract before GSA sends a visit. Our Audit Guard service will help uncover areas of potential non-compliance and we will provide you with recommendations and actions required to ensure you are compliant.

Avoid potential non-compliance and contact us to request a GSA Audit Guard. 


GSA Schedule Consulting

We understand sometimes you need a quick answer.  We value your time and offer On-Demand Consultation to provide you a convenient way to support your needs, in a quick and responsive way. Our advisers can engage in a phone or virtual meeting.

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Get GSA Schedule Coaching

Coley offers one-to-one coaching supports to those individual business, providing advice based on experience and understanding from a government contractors perspective. A powerful tool for growth.

Meet Our Coaches

Request OnDemand GSA Schedule Training

Coley GCS, through our FedMap program offers a variety of training available to our community of government contractors.  Access a catalog of on-demand, online courses. Membership is free and Coley GSA Contracting experts host monthly discussions to address GSA Schedule holder’s questions.

Visit our Training Catalog

Expert GSA Schedule Contracting Services

At Coley GCS, we provide GSA Schedule consulting, coaching and training services. We ensure that these services are tailored to meet your needs. Since 2001 we have helped clients understand and navigate the intricacies of government contracting. You can trust our GSA Schedule advisors to provide expert support and represent your interests throughout the GSA Schedule acquisition, renewal, contract compliance and ongoing management process.

Our team of advisors have years of experience in managing government contracts and will provide your team with unmatched guidance and insights. Our strategic approach helps your company accelerate and sustain government contracting success. So, if you are in the search for leading Government Contract Consulting firms or GSA Schedule Consultants, contact us today! Take the word of our existing clients, we are one of the Best GSA Consultants you will find!

Get a GSA Schedule

Our team helps you win a GSA schedule contract as seamless as possible.

Manage a GSA Schedule

Ongoing support to keep your GSA contract up-to-date, competitive and compliant.

GSA Schedule Solutions

Update your GSA catalog to boost competitiveness and win more federal business.

Coley Delivers

Our track record says it all—our GSA Schedule services delivers on our promises and work hard for our customers’ success. That’s why almost 80% of new clients come from existing customer referrals.


Over $26 Billion

We’ve helped companies win over $26 Billion in government contracts

Over $26 Billion

We’ve helped companies win over $26 Billion in government contracts


Exceed Sales

90% of our clients exceed GSA sales requirements, compared to only 50% of other companies.


GSA Contract Award Rate

We’ve achieved an 100% acquisition rate in our contract acquisition service.


Reduced Client Efforts

We’ve reduced client efforts by 97% when acquiring and maintaining a GSA Schedule


Worldwide Support

We support clients in 48 states and 10 countries


GSA Contract Award Rate

We’ve achieved an 100% acquisition rate in our contract acquisition service.


Trusted Long-term Partner

We pride ourselves on taking care of our clients and have been rewarded with a 98% customer retention rate.

Superior Customer Service

Our team stays ready and responds to all customer requests withing 4 hours.


Far Compliance

Our services and consultation our always completely FAR Complient

Why Choose Coley GCS?

Partnering with Coley GCS can be pivotal choice for your business. Among the numerous advantages that sets Coley GCS apart from other GSA Schedule consultants, foremost is he opportunity to tap into our over 23 years of extensive experience. Additionally, our proven track record speaks volumes, evidenced by our impressive 98% customer retention rate and 100% GSA Schedule award success rate from hundreds of clients that have benefited from our GSA Schedule assistance. Gain reliable GSA Schedule support with Coley GCS to secure and maintain your GSA Schedule compliant to successfully compete and grow your government business!

Get on GSA Schedule

Coley GCS will help you with the GSA Schedule contract acquisition process and ensuring your interest are represented for your long term success. We offer flexible solutions that fit your need.

Manage a GSA Schedule

Leverage the experience of a team of GSA Schedule Advisors to keep your contract updated and compliant. Our Turn-Key solution provides Total Support and reduces your administrative burdens and help you maximize your GSA Schedule’s return on investment.

Pricelist modifications

Modify your contract to increase your competitive edge against competition. Add or remove the products and services to align with your long term goals for sustained government contract success!

Why get a GSA contract<br />

How Does a GSA Schedule Help Grow Government Business?

Federal procurement can be a long and complicated process because buyers are risk adverse. A government buyer’s job is to find the contractors that can perform a task or deliver a product and select the one that poses the least risk possible. This is why GSA Schedule holders, who have already gone through the vetting process, have an advantage.  Most government agencies simply find it easier to purchase from them.


Availability to a Growing Market:

By being a vendor to one of the world’s largest customers, a company can reap the benefits and set themselves up for success for years to come.


Long Term Value:

While a contract is awarded for five years, it is possible for the contract to extend up to 20 years.  Also, there is no limit to the amount of goods or services that can be sold during the contract period.


Competitive Advantage:

Buyers already know that companies with a GSA Schedule have met strict requirements and are reliable.

Expand your Reach:

Not only can a company sell to the federal government, but security and technology businesses can also sell to state and local government entities, and public schools as well.


Open Avenues to Revenue:

A MAS allows a vendor to also seek out other opportunities through published Request for Proposals (RFP) and Requests for Quotes (RFQ).


Increased Credibility:

Having a GSA Schedule means that government entities will receive the best possible price.

Our Clients

We support contractors reach federal agencies by helping them secure a GSA multiple award schedule. Our clients encompass a wide range of businesses, from small enterprises to large corporations, across various industries. As GSA schedule consultants, we specialize in supporting contractors win and help them leverage their GSA schedule contracts to succeed in government contracting.


We had our GSA Schedule compliance visit and passed with a perfect score.  This is due in large part to the efforts of the Coley’s GSA Schedule consultants leading up to the visit and even made yourselves available by phone during GSA’s visit. We are certainly glad to be working with your team and appreciate their diligence in keeping us straight.


Water Purification Solutions


Jack, Dan:  Thanks so much!!! Your team of contract consultants are simply the best. There is nothing like coming through for a customer at the 11th hour and that’s what you’ve just done for us.  I can’t adequately convey the peace of mind it gives us to know that we can turn to you and be assured of getting sound advice.


Professional Services Firm


I swear, calling Coley GCS was the best phone call I’ve made in the last 5 years!  It keeps paying off… Thanks for the effort!.

Craig LaMontagne

Director at The Cook & Boardman Group, LLC,

Is a GSA Schedule Right For My Business?

A GSA Schedule is a 5-year contract with 3 options to renew for a potential 20-year contract lifespan.  In addition to basic questions to determine if your business is eligible to get a GSA Schedule, there are additional factors to consider determining if this is the right time for your business to pursue a GSA Schedule contract to ensure your long term success.  One of the first questions we ask when companies reach out looking to get on GSA is why do you want a GSA Schedule? 


How Familiar are you with Selling to Government Agencies?


Does the agency you are targeting currently purchase from GSA Schedule holders?


Are your competitors successfully selling through their GSA Schedule?


Is your government customer asking you how to get a GSA Schedule?


Do you have the time and resources dedicated to pursuing new government business?


Are you familiar with GSA Schedule holder's compliance requirements?

Getting on GSA Schedule is just the beginning

Once you get a GSA Schedule contract, you must remain complaint.  If a contractor fails to meet the minimum sales requirements or are not keeping up with reporting and compliance actions, you run the risk of having your GSA Schedule cancelled.

Getting a GSA Schedule will no doubt open companies to new markets, but you should prepare for the costs associated with Schedule ownership. Some may consider having boots on the ground to grow government business. Others will determine if they outsource or manage internally the compliance of a GSA contract.

At Coley, we have built long term partnerships with our clients. During our initial free consultation, we discuss your plans for the resources needed to have long term success with the acquisition of your GSA Schedule.

Coley GCS Insights

Quick and timely access to authoritative information… regularly visited by government contracting representatives

Assessing Win Probability: Bid or No Bid

Assessing Win Probability: Bid or No Bid

How can a Bid/No Bid analysis will help determine if the projected cost of building a response makes sense for a particular solicitation? Follow this process to help your company decide.

What GSA Complementary Special Item Numbers (SINs) Are Available?

What GSA Complementary Special Item Numbers (SINs) Are Available?

GSA offers a variety of complementary SINs that each serve a different purpose for your services and products. Understand how to add SINs to your schedule. Coley is providing this explanation on SINs to help you understand which is best to make your schedule a total offering to the Government.

Compete for NASA SEWP VI

Compete for NASA SEWP VI

Get an overview of NASA Final SEWP VI RFP. Its the sixth generation of the Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurements Government-Wide Acquisition contract.

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