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Coley’s professionals provide the full range of contracting and business development support
to help you accelerate and sustain success in the Government marketplace.


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New GSA Schedule?
We have a 100% Award Rate on new GSA Schedule offers and our consultants average 14 years’ experience in government contracting. Why a GSA Schedule? The U.S. Government is one of the largest customers in the world and contracts for over $500 billion in products and services each year–with $100 billion of that going directly to small businesses. Federal buyers overwhelmingly prefer to buy from vendors who have pre-approved contracts. GSA schedules are the most commonly used pre-approved contract and are the only contract continuously open to new vendors. Obtaining a GSA Schedule provides Federal, State, and Local agencies with a direct way of purchasing your products and/or services quickly with limited paperwork, red tape, and competition. Contact Us today for a FREE analysis to find out if a GSA Schedule can help you win more Government business.

All- Inclusive

Acquiring a GSA Schedule is a complex process and our experienced consultants will take on 97% of the work to get your GSA Schedule contract awarded.

Receive a full-service solution that includes everything required to successfully develop and negotiate the award of your GSA Schedule contract as well as post-award compliance actions, including:

  • Strategy Sessions – Strategy Sessions- Meetings that will set the stage for success that include setting goals, target dates, requirements, and making sure there is a clear understanding of all contractual implications of GSA Schedules
  • Data Collection – Coley will register or verify your and D&B Registrations as well as collect and/or cull information from your website, marketing materials, recent proposals, price lists, spreadsheets, and other materials to minimize your level of effort
  • Develop Proposal – Our team will develop all volumes of your GSA Schedule proposal based on agreed to pricing and negotiating strategies
  • Facilitate – We develop and coordinate any requests for clarifications from GSA contracting officers on your behalf
  • Negotiate Award –  Based on our client’s strategic goals, Coley will negotiate pricing, terms, and conditions with GSA and develop and submit your final proposal offer
  • Final Award Processing – Coordinate all final contract award actions with GSA; and deliver your contract documentation with your approved GSA Schedule price list.
  • Post-Award actions:
    • We’ll complete the required GSA Registrations;
    • We’ll provide you with an electronic copy of your contract award documents;
    • We’ll develop and upload your approved GSA Schedule Pricelist to GSAAdvantage! and GSA eLibrary
    • We’ll deliver two hours of GSA Schedule Compliance and Ethics Training to your key staff members; and
    • We’ll work with your sales and accounting staff to ensure they understand and configure a GSA Sales Tracking system that’s compliant with GSA’s contract terms and conditions

Support Along the Way.

If your company is looking for a do-it-yourself solution to getting on GSA Schedule that controls costs, then our GSA Flex™ solution is right for you.

GSA Flex™ gives you the flexibility to use our expertise as little or as much as you deem necessary. With our GSA Flex™ solution, our GSA Schedule experts are available to you and your staff on an hourly basis throughout the entire GSA Schedule process to help you write, assemble, facilitate and negotiate a winning GSA Schedule contract.

Jumpstart your GSA Schedule Sales

The following post award compliance & marketing actions are available on an a la carte basis and help you get your government sales off to a quick start.

  • Create and Publish your GSA Pricelist to GSA eLibrary
  • Crete and upload your approved GSA Schedule pricelist to GSAAdvantage!
  • Deliver GSA Schedule Compliance & Ethics Training to your key staff members
  • Sales Tracking Guidance: We’ll work with your sales and accounting staff to ensure they understand and configure a GSA Sales Tracking system that’s compliant with GSA’s contract terms and conditions.
  • Marketing Training & Coaching: We’ll provide your sales and marketing team with the training they need to gain market traction quickly.
  • Our Direct Access™ awareness email marketing campaign will announce the award of your GSA Schedule contract to a targeted list of Contracting Officers known to have purchased products or services like yours.
  • SpotFedBids™ Opportunity Retrieval service.

Do you have what it takes to succeed on GSA Schedule?

GSA requires that you complete a mandatory Readiness Assessment to assist in evaluating whether or not you can be successful in the GSA Schedule program. The Readiness Assessment requires substantial research to complete; but when completed, it provides valuable insight into your chances for success. Our experienced senior consultants will discuss the assessment results and work with you to make the best strategic decision for your company. The readiness assessment is included if you select our all-inclusive WIN package, or you can opt to purchase only the assessment and consulting hours.

Do Business with the State of Texas

TXMASOverwhelmingly more and more state purchasers prefer to use TXMAS contracts.  If you have a GSA Schedule, It may be easier to get your TXMAS Contract. The Texas Procurement and Support Services division prefers to use a vendor’s existing GSA Schedule contract to establish a separate TXMAS contract.

Find out how we can help you win or manage your TXMAS contract

 Who can purchases from TXMAS?

Existing GSA Schedule?

Coley provides expert advice and support for all aspects of contract administration, including contract compliance, reporting, modifications, negotiations, novations, renewals, and advice on every aspect of remaining competitive and compliant.

Full-Support, Turn-Key Solution

Coley’s GSA TotalSupport™ delivers an integrated, end-to-end solution designed to eliminate compliance risks, minimize day-to-day administrative burden, and maximize GSA Schedule return on investment. Our proactive GSA Schedule management services have the potential to improve your company’s profitability while protecting your assets and management team. Our GSA TotalSupport™ Service helps:

Avoid Non-Compliance

  • End-to-end risk management solutions, including a periodic, mock audit to uncover areas of potential non-compliance. Our experts will identify areas of risk and initiate clear-cut actions to help avoid the risks of non-compliance and unfavorable audit results.
  • Our GSA Schedule experts proactively track changes to the contracting environment and keeps you apprised of changes that could create risk or impact your profitability.
  • We proactively process contract modifications to keep your GSA Schedule current and competitive.

Reduce Administrative Burdens

  • Our GSA Schedule experts take on 97% of the work necessary to file reports and process contract modifications and administrative changes.
  • Our GSA contract consultants are available for unlimited email and telephone support.

Stay Better Informed

  • Our website for clients features compliance-related information, training, and business opportunities all in one convenient location.
  • We proactively communicate important changes and updates to government regulations and policies, as well as reminders of critical actions necessary to remain compliant.
  • We provide central access to hundreds of free and premium-level training courses.

Stay Competitive

  • Our team of GSA Schedule Experts are available to help with business development strategies and impart best practices that help you win more business—90% of our clients exceed the GSA Minimum Sales requirement compared to only 40% of all other GSA Schedule vendors.
  • We’ll keep your most current and approved GSA Schedule pricelist published to GSAAdvantage!™ and process temporary price-reductions to keep you price competitive.
  • We offer assistance with Contractor Teaming Arrangements, Teaming Agreements, and Joint Venture Agreements.
  • Proprietary Customer portal to track competitor awards and government opportunities that match your profile

Flexible Service that Meets your Budget

Whatever your needs, our experienced team of GSA Schedule experts are available to help. Our services can be provided on a fixed-price project basis or as hourly support, whichever best fits your budget. We’re flexible and ready to help:

  • GSA Schedule Modifications
  • GSA eCatalog Publishing
  • GSA Schedule Contract Renewals
  • Audit Guard Compliance Assessments
  • Consulting
  • Due Diligence
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Teaming Agreements
  • Trade Agreement Act Support
  • Service Contract Act Support

Flexible Service that Meets your Budget

Whether you’d like us to handle the entire contract modification for you or you’d prefer to do most of the work yourself with guidance from us, we’re flexible and ready to help with all of the following types of contract modifications:

  • Add/ delete products and services on your pricelist.
  • Add/ delete Special Item Numbers (SINs)
  • Economic Price Adjustments (EPAs)
  • Temporary or Permanent Price Reductions
  • Administrative modification including updating point contact or change of address.
  • Changing or transferring of business ownership including novations and mergers
  • Exercising option to extend (see Contract Renewal)
If you are providing products on GSA Schedule you must comply with the Federal Trade Agreement Act (TAA). In the past, TAA was inconsistently enforced, but that has changed. TAA compliance enforcement is now a priority.

The consequences for businesses that fail to comply include suspension or complete exclusion from Federal contracting (debarment). Competitors can protest if an awardee is found to violate TAA compliance ,which can invalidate a contract’ award.

Determining TAA compliance isn’t always simple. There are complex issues that can affect whether a product is compliant. Our team of experts can provide guidance concerning TAA compliance working with you and GSA to provide the required certifications or work to remove non-compliant products from your GSA Schedules without penalty.

Ensure Compliance Before GSA Visits

GSA collected more than $200 million from non-compliant contractors last year–don’t become a statistic.

GSA will visit you, whether labeled as a site visit or a full-fledged audit their sole purpose will be to ensure you comply with your contract terms and conditions—will you be prepared when they visit?

Coley offers peace of mind. Our GSA Schedule Audit Guard™ uncovers areas of potential non-compliance and provides recommendations with clear cut actions required to ensure you’re compliant when GSA visits.

Ensure that you are compliant with the terms and conditions of your GSA Schedule contract before you’re visited by GSA. The risks of non-compliance and unfavorable audits are far too costly not to take preventative actions now.

Exercise your “Option to Extend”

Our experts can help.

Our team will work with you to quickly develop and coordinate everything required to renew your GSA Schedule, including:

  • Preparing and submitting your Option to Extend
  • Working with your GSA contracting officer throughout the review process
  • Coordinating responses to GSA’s requests for clarification
  • Negotiating changes to terms and finalizing the award documents

Novation Agreements

Do you have a GSA Schedule and your company has gone through any of these situations?

  • Been acquired and absorbed by another company.
  • Another company has purchased the assets of your company, including your GSA Schedule.
  • You’ve purchase the assets of or acquired a company with a GSA Schedule and expect to use it to do business with the Government.

If so, then you must get the Government’s consent to transfer the GSA Schedule through the execution of a formal “Novation Agreement.”

We can help throughout the entire novation process. Give us a call early in the due diligence process and we will advise on any potential problems you may encounter during the novation process or after the GSA Schedule has been transferred.

Win More Business?

We offer a broad range of business development and marketing services that have helped our clients win over $1 billion in government contracts.

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